Whitley Bay

Seaside sewing at Whitley Bay? Sounds good to me.

20140801-032125 pm-55285720.jpg

I went out there with my mum the other day, looking for a cafe she’d found online. It’s called Made and runs various crafty classes and such. Sadly, on the day we went it was closed!

20140801-031351 pm-54831981.jpg

It does look like an interesting place. Check out the website for details on their classes and such. It’s right beside the metro station, so easy to get to from Newcastle.

I’m actually quite glad it was closed. We ended up wandering around Whitley Bay, having brunch on the seafront, paddling in the rock pools and generally having a lovely day at the seaside!

It also gave me a chance to get pics and take notes on the Singer Sewing Centre.

20140801-032212 pm-55332944.jpg
It’s mostly a machine shop, both selling and maintenance. I’ve not bought a machine there, but I’ve heard good things. They’ve got a dazzling array of feet and machine accessories too, for various brands, not just Singer.
They have a small range of fabrics, mostly cotton prints for quilters. They have a good selection of solid coloured 100% cotton, prices differed but most were around £7.99pm. They have some craft fabrics too, felt, fur, wadding etc.
The notions section is good, lots of tempting bits and bobs. I almost fell for a new pair of scissors, that I really don’t need, but were so comfy looking. But plenty in the thimble, cutting, fixing, mending, getting into awkward places, specialist needle kinda line. Pretty good range of buttons too and fastenings too, with zip world and plastic fixings for webbing. Lots of elastic and stiffing options, but only plastic boning in stock.
They have a small yarn section, a fair few nice trimmings and ribbons at ok prices, leather thronging, dyes and some beads. They had some lovely jute ribbon out when I visited, which I may have to find an excuse to buy.

It’s just around the corner from Whitley Bay metro station, so very easy to get to. Well worth a visit for the haberdashery stuff, if not the fabric. And a great excuse to go to the seaside!