Wandering Jew Frame

My sister gave me a cutting of her lovely Wandering Jew a while back and it’s really flourished in my kitchen, despite being repeatedly knocked over by Jasmine, under and over-watered by me and generally tortured.

It had been growing up the side of the window frame, but after moving it and finding damp and mould underneath, I decided it needed some other support. It really does like to wander.






I’m just going to stick this one in a gallery;

I think I over engineered this one a bit. All those fancy spirals and shaping, and you can barely see it with the plant wound round. Oh well, it was simple enough to make and looks really effective in place;

I might have to add more height to the frame if the thing keeps growing like it has been!

(Excuse the black stuff in my sink – it’s there to stop Jaz pooing in it)

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