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Prudhoe Fabric

I’ve been trawling fabric shops recently, desperately hunting red fabric for a project. Near Christmas, this would be simple. In the middle of summer? Nothing. In my desperation though, I did find another shop.

Fastening Board

It’s done! The Fastening Board I talked about here based on this one my mum fell for, is finished and ready to be abused by a pack of crazed monsters. Also known as children.

Dunelm Mill for fabric

New to Cramlington, 20 minutes north of Newcastle, a Dunelm Mill! Ok, it has some pretty bedding and nice plates, but what I’m really interested in is the haberdashery department.


Yesterday I went for an afternoon out in Durham, mostly to see the Lindisfarne Gospels. They usually live in London and won’t be up here for long, so get yourself over there for a visit whilst the opportunity is available.

Simply Fabrics

Today I finally paid a visit to the new A.M.S Fabrics shop on Wallsend Highstreet. The old shop in Washington was a dingy warehouse in the same industrial estate as Dainty Supplies, this new shop is a vast improvement!