There is no such thing as too many hats. Every costume should have a hat, it makes an outfit, and can really help in portraying a character. I’ve been making a simple one to add to my growing collection!

Armour Ideas

Had a very disappointing shopping trip yesterday trying to find the right fabric for my next sewing project. Nothing was quite what I wanted. To cheer myself up, I played with some bits from the House of Objects. They always…

Fastening Board

It’s done! The Fastening Board I talked about here based on this one my mum fell for, is finished and ready to be abused by a pack of crazed monsters. Also known as children.

Weaving with inner tube

Playing with some ideas for 5k REM futuristic, post-apocalyptic, type armour. Plus I had some inner tubes left over from making the bows.

Sword pendant

Just a quick one, made a sword pendant this afternoon as a Crowan Holy Symbol for Fools and Heroes.


Me and Guybrush have been playing around with making bows for 5k REM. It’s a post-apocalyptic type LARP game, so the more cobbled together and rough looking the weapons are, the better.

Berwickshire flash

I’ve been making a flash for my LARP character, Mardnotkiln. A flash is usually a bit of fabric with a symbol or heraldry on it. It can be hung from the belt, or worn as an arm band, sash etc.…

Odds and sods

Well, that was Christmas then. Hope yours was lovely. Mine had lots of relaxed, snuggly family fun, and heaps of good food. Perfect! Craftwise, I haven’t done all that much recently. I’ve been chugging along on some long term projects,…

Bits and pieces, in progress

I’m making two pieces for a friend at the moment. Their both for his shaman-like LARP character. The first is a totem, a bit of shaped wood. The second is a familiar, a small creature he can carry with him.…