REM Armour

There’s a beach a way down the coast called Blackhall Rocks. There used to be loads of industrial stuff going on nearby, and lots of things wash up due to the shape of the land. It all leads to lots…

Apocalyptic Gubbins

More bits and pieces for 5kREM. First up, some armour I’ve been working on. It made using bits and bobs from my loft, most of them from the House of Objects originally.     This foam is quite dense, around…

LARP Sites

As an excuse to practise my driving I’ve been checking out some alternate sites for LARP in the North East. Here’s the ones I know so far, and some I’m planning on checking out. If you know of any other…

5000 REM Fashion Shoot

My character in 5000 REM is a bit of a fashionista. She even has her own clothing line. I’ve been putting costumes together and taking photos to use to show these off on her blog, Bee Grotesque.

Accessories for the Apocalypse

I’ve been making some jewellery bits and bobs for my new 5000REM character. Seemed a good opportunity to throw together a quick ‘how to’ for simple, easy and dirty rings.

A better hat

You may remember me making a hat recently. Well, it wasn’t really just a hat, it was part of a cunning plan.