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Jewellery and Pain

  Things have been going pretty well for me recently. I had a really low patch over Christmas but have been recovering of late. I’d been volunteering, going out, swimming, all sorts. I even tried an aerobics class! And then…

Accessories for the Apocalypse

I’ve been making some jewellery bits and bobs for my new 5000REM character. Seemed a good opportunity to throw together a quick ‘how to’ for simple, easy and dirty rings.

Sword pendant

Just a quick one, made a sword pendant this afternoon as a Crowan Holy Symbol for Fools and Heroes.

Symbols and Sympathy

Bit hot out, ain’t it? I don’t think I’ve managed a convocation with anyone in the past three days that hasn’t included some reference to the weather. I don’t have much to show you on the craft front. I’m still in the middle of a few big projects and catching up on bits and bobs. I did knock up a medallion for my dwarf character in Fools and Heroes that might fit the bill.