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I picked up a couple of linen skirts ages ago at bargain prices. They’re nice skirts but not colours I’m likely to wear. I had intended to dye them with natural dyes last autumn but didn’t get round to it.…

Prudhoe Fabric

I’ve been trawling fabric shops recently, desperately hunting red fabric for a project. Near Christmas, this would be simple. In the middle of summer? Nothing. In my desperation though, I did find another shop.

Fastening Board

It’s done! The Fastening Board I talked about here based on this one my mum fell for, is finished and ready to be abused by a pack of crazed monsters. Also known as children.

Dunelm Mill for fabric

New to Cramlington, 20 minutes north of Newcastle, a Dunelm Mill! Ok, it has some pretty bedding and nice plates, but what I’m really interested in is the haberdashery department.