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Looking through my photos, there’s a few things I’ve made recently and not posted. Here’s the ridiculously over the top valentines card I made for my lover. It’s a ‘My little pony’ style drawing I did of his two dogs.…

Fastening board and doggies

I haven’t been working on much for the last week. I’ve been looking after two dogs for a friend, and they all sorts of distracting. Far too cute and cuddlesome to get much work done around!

Bits and pieces, in progress

I’m making two pieces for a friend at the moment. Their both for his shaman-like LARP character. The first is a totem, a bit of shaped wood. The second is a familiar, a small creature he can carry with him.…

Dog Days

I’m looking after the two bichon frise boys again. They are so ridiculously adorable. People stop in the street to pet them, or just stare and grin. You can’t help it, they’ve got these happy little faces that spread joy wherever they go.