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5000 REM

I’m trying out a new (to me) LARP game tomorrow. It’s a sci fi game set in a post-apocalyptic future, making kit for it has been an interesting change. Mostly I’ve been taking rasps and sandpaper to bought things, then…


Made some wraith eyes for Newcastle branch of Fools and Heroes this morning. We do a lot of night events up here, so glowing red wraiths eyes are a must.

Symbols and Sympathy

Bit hot out, ain’t it? I don’t think I’ve managed a convocation with anyone in the past three days that hasn’t included some reference to the weather. I don’t have much to show you on the craft front. I’m still in the middle of a few big projects and catching up on bits and bobs. I did knock up a medallion for my dwarf character in Fools and Heroes that might fit the bill.

Black Robes

Hello boys and girls!

Finished off a snazzy black robe for a friend. He wanted over-the-top Starwars style eeeevil robes, with a massive hood and plenty of secret pockets. Job done. They are fully lined, with a lovely weighty main fabric. There are shit loads of secret pockets, but I can’t really show you them, being as they are secret. Did I mention how much I dislike making fiddly little secret pockets?

I did enjoy making some cute little frog fasteners for them though. Well, I had to add some fancy!


Leather Pouches

I don’t have much to show off of late. I have been making things, but they’re either things I can’t show until they’ve been used or projects that aren’t finished yet. I’m getting frustrated with all the half finished bits and pieces I have lying around, and the little project I do have to show you was my antidote to that.

Codpiece ahoy

Time for a bit of silliness. There’s a lovely chap called Ron at Fools and Heroes who’s been joking for a while about getting a codpiece for his character, something over the top, verging on ridiculous, yet still in-keeping with the time period and setting. Well, that sounded like an interesting design challenge to me (and a good excuse to make a giant padded willy)

Prayer Scarf

I love making things for Jenny. I’ve done a fair few pieces of kit for her, and she seems to really like what I’ve come up with, so lets me have fun with designs and use my own judgement. She always had good costumes too, which shows my contributions off in the best light!

This one is a prayer scarf for a Tralden priestess. Prayer scarfs are a necessary accessory for any priest type in Fools and Heroes, and a great opportunity for detailed design on an article of clothing that won’t see heavy wear or need much washing.

Longstorian Robes

These have been in process for an age. I really struggled to find the right fabric for them, which held up the whole process.

My brief was quite loose. Green Longstorian (FnH nature God) robes, with a front opening, suitable for running and combat whilst still looking priestly, with hood built in. I went with a mash up of my pattern for the Assasins Creed style robes I made last summer and the hood extension I used on Bens mage robes. It’s a bit more fiddly than the simple hood extension on most costume patterns but I really like the result, it fits much better at the neck and lets the lapel hang more naturally. I adapted it from a vintage coat pattern originally, damn good find.

The original idea was to have these robes made to fit over, and flatter, a particular leather breast piece. That not being made yet, I ended up designing them to be quite adaptable. The sides are open with lacing, might seem a little silly with a front opening, but it will allow the wearer to adjust them over armour all around the torso so the arm holes don’t get dragged back. Arm movement was an important feature, so I went with