Sword pendant

Just a quick one, made a sword pendant this afternoon as a Crowan Holy Symbol for Fools and Heroes.

It’s hammered out from a nail, then shaped with my Dremel and sanded by hand. I got a bit bored and rushed the line down the middle, so it’s a bit squiggly, and it could be polished much smoother. Oh and I didn’t clean up the back at all. But not bad for 2 hours work, hopefully the defects will just help make it look ‘ye olde’.

20140605-044136 pm-60096285.jpg

20140605-044136 pm-60096505.jpg

20140605-044148 pm-60108637.jpg

20140605-044148 pm-60108438.jpg

20140605-044157 pm-60117477.jpg

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