Reverse manicure

My nails are really long (for me) at the moment. Impractical, but fun to paint. I’ve tried out a ‘reverse manicure’ today.

Very pleased with it. I did my usual strengthening base coat (front back and tips), a clear peel-off base on the front then a coat of Little Ondine red. For the back, I covered the skin on my fingertips with latex, being careful not to get any on my nails, then painted the back of my nails with two coats of Mavala black. I let that dry then peeled off the latex, taking all the overlapped black varnish with it off my skin. A few more coats of red on the front, a clear Little Ondine topcoat, and done.

If I do this again – it would be better to do the usual base and then the backs, leaving the front till they’re dry. There were a few spills onto the front of the nail which it took extra coats of the red to cover. Might have been best to use a Little Ondine varnish on the back as getting the standard polish off is going to be a faff. Also, should have put a top coat on there.

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