REM Armour

There’s a beach a way down the coast called Blackhall Rocks. There used to be loads of industrial stuff going on nearby, and lots of things wash up due to the shape of the land. It all leads to lots of interesting bits and bobs lying about just waiting to be used for costumes.


This armour is made mostly from those things. Bits of fishing net, old bits of rubber, some strange plastic bits, manky leather. It’s supposed to represent something called ‘crow armour’ in 5kREM, a class of armour scavenged from found objects, and the dead.


I used some heavy duty felt/fleece fabric I had lying around. It’s a horrid pond water colour, perfect for this. I made a very basic wrap around tunic type top, then went wild sewing bits on. I stitched them loosely in place to begin with, then added studs, nuts and bolts and rivets made from nails to hold them on. I had to add some leather scraps from my stash on the back, my beach treasure was running short.


The shoulder piece is separate, made to tie in place on top of the tunic. It’s another interesting piece from the beach, with big metal staples. I filed those down to make sure they don’t catch on weapons. No sewing on this, I stuck with rivets and bolts.


This chest armour is the one I posted about recently. Looks much better on a real person!

Thanks to Guybrush for modelling for me, in a wig and everything!

image image image image

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  1. Olga
    May 26, 2015 at 9:32 am

    Awesome stuff 😀

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