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Quilling is an interesting paper craft. It uses thin strips of paper curled up to create 3D patterns. When I first tried it as a child it was dull as anything, you had to spend more time cutting the paper strips than twirling pretty things. Now, though, you can easily buy the strips pre-cut at various thicknesses if you’re too lazy to cut your own. Which I clearly am.

I’ve done a few quilling projects before, usually floral based patterns. This time I decided to try something a bit different. It’s for a card for my mums birthday. A nice one. I made her a very silly large A2 card that this one attached to. My idea was she could take this one off to keep and get rid of the the joke card, but she ended up actually liking the giant glitter monstrosity! I seem to have forgotten to take a photo of that beast though…

Anyway, here’s some quilling;

I outlined the text and heart shape on some nice heavy cardstock in very light pencil lines. I should have probably waited to put the card together till after quilling, but I wanted the curly tendrils to stretch onto the borders. The text was the hardest bit to do. I found cutting individual strips for each straight line easiest, and was very glad I chose a relatively straight font as matching the curves was tough.

Filling in the text with tight little spirals was easy enough, and the heart shaped tendrils were¬†great fun. They didn’t go where I wanted them to, but we came to a compromise that I’m quite pleased with. I like the fluidity of it compared to the very tight, formal floral designs I’ve done with quilling before.

I think the end result is quite chic. Pretty without being too fussy, modern without being too trendy. I’m really pleased with it. I do wish I’d been a bit more careful with my glue, there’s a few shiny patches where I’ve got it on card without quilling strips over it. I gave it a coat of glossy spray varnish to try and cover it up, but it didn’t really help. I like the 3Dness of quilling, and it is good fun to do.

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