Prudhoe Fabric

I’ve been trawling fabric shops recently, desperately hunting red fabric for a project. Near Christmas, this would be simple. In the middle of summer? Nothing. In my desperation though, I did find another shop.

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It’s in Prudhoe, opposite the massive toilet roll factory. It’s quite big inside, with lots of tasty rolls of fabric. It’s got a small haberdashery and trim section at the front, handful of threads and shiny things, but mostly it’s upholstery and curtain fabrics.

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There is a nice little plain cotton section, with handy linings and such at good prices.

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Now, a bit of bad news. They’re getting rid of their fabric. Not sure why, I guess they’re going curtains only (the death of so many fabric shops). This does have a good side though, they have masses of fabric on sale. There’s a good amount of rolls at £1 per metre, not many useful for LARP, but there are some. I found a lovely chunky cotton stuff, perfect for hard wearing kit, it’s a horrid shade of orange, but for £1 per metre I can do a bit of home dying!
The real gems are the designer fabrics though. They have rolls that usually go for more than £20 per metre at £4 per. I had to be wrestled away from a gorgeous deep turquoise silk stuff with a black flock peacock feather pattern. Absolutely gorgeous, but I sadly couldn’t come up with a use for it.

The address is below, they have enough stock that there should be fabric there for a fair while yet, but you’ll get better choice the sooner you visit.

Factory Fabrics
Textile House, Princess Way
NE42 6HD

My fabric hunt did, eventually, have a happy ending, at Ikea of all places. They had a good thin red, which I need for the inner of the project, and a ok thicker red, that I bought just in case. It’s a nice fabric, but a bit wishy washing looking, not suitable for this project. When I couldn’t find anything else my mum very kindly over-dyed it for me (I’m without washing machine at the moment). It’s worked out lovely, perfect weight and shade, and looks nice next to the thinner stuff.
The bottom right is the fabric before dying, with the after on top and the thinner stuff beside it. The golds are options for lining, both from South Shields market.

20140708-044426 pm-60266196.jpg

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