Painting Clouds

20140725-051541 pm-62141598.jpg
I’ve spent an awful lot of this week with my head perilously close to a teeny, tiny toilet.

For good reason mind, I’ve been helping my mum with some DIY in her nursery. I’ve bragged before about my mum right? She’s a deputy head teachers, head of early years, master of education etc. Well, her school have finally realised just how good she is and let her have her own office. Unfortunately, said office was previously a dank, scruffy little nothing room stuffed full of things without homes. So, my mum set too, and transformed it from this;

20140725-051944 pm-62384432.jpg

20140725-052025 pm-62425989.jpg

20140725-052033 pm-62433865.jpg
Via a bit of this;

20140725-052111 pm-62471728.jpg

20140725-052126 pm-62486307.jpg
Into this;

20140725-052152 pm-62512121.jpg

20140725-052201 pm-62521396.jpg
Ok, it still needs a bit of TLC, and some contents, but it’s looking pretty good. Mostly I’ve just provided moral support on this one, my mum papered, painted, and sourced herself a desk for £10. Some pretty good DIY skills there.
My favourite part of this project was when I was hammering in some tacks to hold up new hardboard sheets covering the manky horizontal glass segmented wall (who thought that was a good idea?!?!) A workman came through to get my mums signature on something, and mentioned he was very surprised to find it wasn’t a bloke hammering! He then felt the need to look at what I was doing and tell me what a good job I was making of it. Shudder.

Anyway. The fun bit! While my mum was doing sensible stuff, I was giving her ‘seaside bathroom’ a makeover. I did another bathroom in the nursery over a few years ago as a ‘forest bathroom’, which has stood up fairly well. I forgot to get a photo of it unfortunately, but believe me, it’s lovely. It has branches painted on the walls (tastefully) and some real branches suspended from the ceiling with paper blossoms hanging down from them. She’s been after me to do up another one of their bathrooms for a while, and we finally got round to it.
This is what I started with;

20140725-053027 pm-63027326.jpg

20140725-053037 pm-63037309.jpg
Dull. And grotty. The first day of work I mostly spent giving the place a really good clean. After that, it had a couple of coats of blue, and time for the clouds! I’ve changed it from seaside themed to sky themed, as you may be able to tell. Here’s some in progress pics;

20140725-053238 pm-63158257.jpg

20140725-053238 pm-63158144.jpg
And the final thing;

20140725-053302 pm-63182980.jpg

20140725-053303 pm-63183102.jpg

20140725-053303 pm-63183221.jpg

Hopefully, the tiny people will like it come September. I’m pretty pleased with it, and my mum is chuffed, which is the most important thing!