Codpiece ahoy

Time for a bit of silliness. There’s a lovely chap called Ron at Fools and Heroes who’s been joking for a while about getting a codpiece for his character, something over the top, verging on ridiculous, yet still in-keeping with the time period and setting. Well, that sounded like an interesting design challenge to me (and a good excuse to make a giant padded willy)

Tangling with Zen

A few more zentangle designs I’ve came up with. I’ve been playing with colour, and with more naturalistic designs as well as working within a circular boundary. All have been interesting, but the larger black and white tangles are still my favourites. I find it much easier to get lost in them, and love the results.

Bulbs, trees and tools

Today I had planned to show off the ridiculously ostentatious codpiece I made for a friend recently. Alas, my laptop is away having some much needed TLC (thanks to a very kind friend) and my little netbook just isn’t up to sorting out the photos. It’s fine for writing and general browsing, but photo editing and file organisation is far too awkward to do much of on it.

So, instead, I give you….

Getting there

Slowly, but surely, is getting there. I’ve got the layout problems ironed out, and got a gallery plug-in that works smoothly!

There are a few more things I want to do before it’s ‘finished’. Mostly, get the Resources category sorted out with some content and make sure it displays how I want it to. It shouldn’t be too difficult…

Prayer Scarf

I love making things for Jenny. I’ve done a fair few pieces of kit for her, and she seems to really like what I’ve come up with, so lets me have fun with designs and use my own judgement. She always had good costumes too, which shows my contributions off in the best light!

This one is a prayer scarf for a Tralden priestess. Prayer scarfs are a necessary accessory for any priest type in Fools and Heroes, and a great opportunity for detailed design on an article of clothing that won’t see heavy wear or need much washing.