Modern Weaponary

As part of the REM kit drive I want to improve Bee’s combat weapon. She’s currently using a dagger, but it’s ye olde one rather than a modern/post apocalyptic.


Current Dagger

It is about right for what I want. I don’t use it very often, but it’s very handy when I do. I used it on the last mission; I’d fallen into a ditch next to a mutant, we were too close to use my crossbow safely so I pulled out my knife.

It just doesn’t look right though.

I’m not great at weapons making. It’s not really my ‘thing’. It’s fiddly and fussy with lots of rules and stages to go through. I prefer instant gratification in my crafting, and not worrying that at the end of all my work a referee will declare it unsafe to use. But I can’t find anything quite ‘right’ to buy, or afford a custom made weapon.


I do have this lying around, though. It was a fairly old, very pretty, basket hilt sword, and is still fairly sound. I could probably repair the hilt, but it’s never going to be as robust as the basket hilts that are being made now. I’ve very rarely used it since buying it (cheap and 2nd hand) 10 or so years ago.

So, I could possibly cut it down and make it into something new, and modern looking. That would save me having to try and cut an even grind on a blade, and remove some of my worries about safety. But it means I’m stuck with a sword-shaped blade. Most modern combat knifes are shaped with a blade on one side, sometimes with a curving, tapered point, but not an even, sword like, tip. There are some out there though, I’ve been kicking Google to get some ideas;


I’m really liking trench knives. Practical, close combat weapons with no fuss. Some of them have built in knuckles dusters. While kinda cool, I don’t think I could use one with my tiny girly hands (or make one out of foam that would last for more than one fight!). The M3┬áhas a more sensible handle. The blade shape isn’t quite what I have to work with, but I might be able to manage a similar handle. But then, with a sword blade, I want to go as modern as possible with the handle to counter the ye-olde. Hmm.

The black ones are quite sexy. I worry about block colours on LARP weapons though. Unless someone very skilled is making them they can look pretty bad. The flat colour emphasises the over sized lumpiness of the foam, and that it doesn’t reflect light in the ways it should. Shiny latex/isoflex where materials should be matte doesn’t help either, but I could experiment with Plasti-dip.

I suppose the blade doesn’t matter that much – I’ll be making a scabbard for it. So it’s the handle that has to look modern.

I had a look at bayonets too;

They have a circle cut out on the handle to attach them to a rifle. I quite like that, separates it very clearly from ye olde weaponry. But it might be tricky to make out of foam, and weaken it structurally. Even without that I like the metal butt on the handle of the last 2, breaks up the black.


I’ve been having a think about modern swords too. I don’t really think they are a good idea for modern LARP – they just aren’t suited to modern combat. Yeah, you can reason why your character might own one (martial artist, fencing champion, family heirloom) but why would they use one in actual combat? And then, OOC, you know the other people involved in the game are trying to create a modern/post apoc atmosphere. Using a sword, even with your detailed backstory, just doesn’t help that. There’s the slippery slope too – let one person who’s made a specific modern sword use it in game and other players might want to use their ye olde ones.

But… I’ve still been having a think about how to do one that would fit the game world;

The really blocky, angular blades do really shout out as modern weapons. There’s no mistaking these as ye olde. But once they’re translated into foam? They’d loose that definition. I like the sword stick, mostly for sheer ridiculousness. A good weapons maker could make something like the 1st or 2nd one work, maybe.

The one with the para-cord handle is interesting, that’s something I could use on my knife. Would cover up a good chunk of it, look very obviously modern and provide a good grip. I could change it with different characters too, use pink for Bee then re-do it in something more sensible when she kicks the dust.

This is awesome. Not suitable for REM at all, but just generally awesome.



PS; Sorry for stealing images with no credits. If you own any of these images and want credited just give me a shout in the comments. I should probably get out of the habit of just saving pics without thinking…

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