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Went back to FnH recently, which involved a few different craft projects. Mostly for Dans new feral elf character rather than myself, mind.


Dan has weird ears. He claims no elf ears have ever fitted him. That sounded like a challenge to me.

After much Googling, I gave it a go. I tried one technique that involved molding clay directly onto the ear, then latexing over it to get the prosthetic. That didn’t work, the clay wouldn’t stick to the ear. Nor would blu tack (another technique from Google).
The next technique worked much better. I studied Dans weird ears and made polymer clay bases as similar to them as I could. Dan was getting pretty fed up by this point, so I did it mostly by eye. Those with more patient models could dig out the calipers, or try taking casts, but they don’t need to be hugely accurate.
I baked the bases then started making the tips. Dan wanted subtle ones so I kept them small. Bigger ones would be easily doable though.

Bake again and they’re ready for latex. Lots of very thin layers are best. Talc and ease off the base (keep the bases, you can use them again when the ears get tatty) and they’re ready to be fitted. I didn’t take any photos of this, alas, there are tutorials online though. Fitting is super important, you should do it with any ear tips including shop bought ones. Makes them stay on a lot better, and look more realistic.



For that ‘fresh from the backwoods’ look. Real fur is pricey, faux fur fashion waistcoasts from my loft are not. They do look a bit poo without any modification though. This was to go under other things, but it still looked too clean. So, acrylic paint, water and making a big mess.



Made a couple of boiled leather bangles for Dan too. This is a fun technique for leather scraps. Boil them and they go super floppy before drying to a much harder, more brittle, leather. I’ve used this to make holy symbols before – boiling circles and flattening them under plates to get thick blanks to carve into. (They didn’t stay circular mind) It worked really well for bangles too, but I did under estimate the shrinkage – they were small even for Dans skinny arms.


Make up;

The elf wanted a ‘brand’ – a burn like scar on his cheek. It had to stand up to LARPing on a hot summers day – sweat, running through bushes, being wiped at by someone not used to wearing makeup. I ended up using Maybelline SuperStay 24 Colour lip stick for most of it. I dressed it up on the day with more depth and shiny bits, with spray plaster over the top to keep it in place.

I also made some spray bottles of face paint type make up to mucky him up. The mud spray worked so well I tried a blood one. Not quite as effective, but I can imagine uses for it.

String waistband;

I needed something to hold up my trousers. I usually just use bought stuff, but didn’t have anything quite right on hand for my Dwarf character. Some string and wool braided into something suitable.


2 comments for “LARP kit

  1. Olga
    August 26, 2016 at 10:08 am

    Awesome stuff – I might have to steal the ‘boiling leather for bangles’ idea to get use out of all the scraps I have; as well as the muckying up of the waistcoat, that was cool 😀

    As always, a cat ‘helping’ the proceedings 🙂

  2. Rose
    August 26, 2016 at 4:04 pm

    I boiled up some little rectangles of leather too, they’ve made interesting solid ‘chips’ I might use for jewellery. It’s a technique with potential, I’m sure. For cat toys, if nothing else 😀

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