Getting there

Slowly, but surely, is getting there. I’ve got the layout problems ironed out, and got a gallery plug-in that works smoothly!

There are a few more things I want to do before it’s ‘finished’. Mostly, get the Resources category sorted out with some content and make sure it displays how I want it to. It shouldn’t be too difficult…

I’ve been distracted by¬†Zentangle¬†though.

It’s something I read about a while back and meant to try out, but forgot. It’s a creative doodling way of meditation, almost. I am not good at meditating. I find it really difficult to sit still. But I do benefit a lot from meditation, so I find ways to meditate whilst doing something to keep my body busy. I’m trying to get to a point in T’ai Chi where that happens, but I’m not quite there. I do occasionally get there while doing Qigong exercises though. My main way is hand sewing, or crochet, or braiding. Simple, repetitive motions that leave my mind free to do it’s thing. Zentangle is another form of the same, one that can be done with just pen and paper, and results in a pretty picture at the end.

My first attempt has definitely been an enjoyable process. I wanted to have a go before reading too much about it, mostly so I could compare my work without (excessive) outside influence and whatever I produce after exploring it a bit more. I’ve found it’s very addictive, and easy for time to fly past whilst you’re lost in the tangle. For meditation purposes, it’s kind of working. I can get to the clear mind stage quite quickly, but seem to drift out of it quite quickly too. The doddles do help with that in a way, I only think I’ve gone wrong when I’m thinking, so I know I need to refocus.

It’s something I’ll keep experimenting with. I’d recommend giving it a go to anyone who wants to meditate but finds sitting still tricky.


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