I’ve been helping a friend put together a feral Elf costume. I made him some leather arm pieces from scraps I had lying around. But they took him ages to put on and lace up, and he’s too skinny and bony for them to be comfortable.

So, padding. I picked up a bag of sheep from a local market recently (I might post about that later) so used some of the fleece to make a backing. It’s partly felted (from failed felting attempts) but in small pieces. I used some bought felt as a base and stitched down chunks of it to build a hefty thick arm sized piece.

The leather guards are just veg tan scraps cut down to a vaguely suitable size with decorate patterns wet moulded, colour washed and waxed. I punched them for lacing, but, as that proved too much off a faff, rejigged them. I used the lacing holes to stitch them to the backing (with heavy duty linen thread, waxed and doubled, then waxed coloured embroidery floss on top of that) then threaded leather thronging through to use with doubled D-rings for fastening. I’ll try and get some pics on the Dan to show them better.

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