Futuristic crossbow bolt holder

An update on the crossbow bolt holder I made a couple of weeks ago.


I’ve made the base of the bag a bit bigger to fit more bolts in, and used more modernistic materials to make it fit in with my Zoner Barbie REM kit.


It doesn’t exactly go with the dress in the pic mind!
I’ve used a stretchy t-shirt fabric for the back of the bag and a grey mesh stuff for the front. Hopefully, that will mean it will stretch a bit and let more bolts fit in comfortably.
I’ve used black drainpipe instead of the boiled leather. I cut two slices, sliced the circles open, then used a heat gun to shape them to the size I needed. They are firmly glued together, but I drilled some holes and added some tiny bolts for a bit of pretty. Mismatched, of course! The bolt bag is just stitched on, with more holes drilled in the plastic. The belt loop is adjustable, with a salvaged plastic buckle and black webbing.
It’s quite odd, trying to make things look modern, I’m usually trying to make them look old.

I’ve also found a use for the real crossbow bolts that came free with my bow. I couldn’t find my needle point awl the other day when I wanted to prick out a design for pouncing, so used one of the bolts instead. Not ideal, but I felt pretty damn hardcore, pricking out my embroidery designs with weaponry!