Fastening board and doggies

I haven’t been working on much for the last week. I’ve been looking after two dogs for a friend, and they all sorts of distracting. Far too cute and cuddlesome to get much work done around!

20140619-030037 pm-54037233.jpg

20140619-030041 pm-54041501.jpg

20140619-030039 pm-54039579.jpg

Add in the three beautiful dogs we have in the house anyway, and the amount of glorious sunshine… Ok, I’m just making excuses now.

I have been doing a bit of creating, ish. My mum, a primary school teacher (and deputy head, and head of early years, and ICT coordinator, and master of education… I’m dead proud of my mum) spotted this online. Link here.

20140619-030417 pm-54257116.jpg
Apparently, it’s a genius idea and she needs me to make her one. Talking about it though, it was a bit simple for the age kids she teaches. So we came up with a more developed version with various fastenings that children might encounter. Here’s the rough plan;

20140619-030657 pm-54417741.jpg
I’m using up various bits and bobs of odd fastening I had lying round and some old clothes that were too pretty to just throw out. I love projects that help use up some of the junk I acquire!
I’m still working on it, but here’s how it’s looking so far;

20140619-030904 pm-54544095.jpg
Not too much more to do. I am getting a bit bored of it now. Fiddly little practical things are not my forte! I’ll post up the results when I’m finally done. Hopefully it will look fairly good, and stand up to ‘educational play’ with a class full of 5 year olds.