Embroidered bag

20140711-012236 pm-48156493.jpg
I made this a while ago, but never posted any pictures of it or ought. It’s a very simple little bag made from a project in the DMC Book of Embroidery. It’s called a ‘pouchette’ in the book, and calls for different colours and stitches, but the basic idea is the same. A square of felt embroidered with various simple stitch variations, lined and folded into a bag. It’s great for using up odd ends of embroidery floss, and practising different stitches.

20140711-012603 pm-48363493.jpg
It’s also quite portable, being a small square of fabric. Depending on the stitches you choose, the felt is stable enough to work in hand without a frame.
Working the square into a bag is simple enough, and the end result looks really effective. I covered a wooden bead in floss to match the embroidery as a closure. The strap is a 4 strand round braid.

20140711-012907 pm-48547082.jpg

20140711-012917 pm-48557434.jpg

20140711-012927 pm-48567876.jpg
Like I said, I made this a fair while ago, and it is very pretty. The downside though, I haven’t actually used it. It’s too faffy for everyday use, and too delicate for LARP. Mostly, it’s just been hanging about looking pretty in my spare room. Some day, little bag, some day I shall find a use for you!