I picked up a couple of linen skirts ages ago at bargain prices. They’re nice skirts but not colours I’m likely to wear. I had intended to dye them with natural dyes last autumn but didn’t get round to it. Ah well, the artificial route it is.


Pre-washing with my faithful assistants;

As you can see, one skirt is white, the other a salmon pink colour. And, according to Jasmine, they needed to die. We compromised with them needing dye instead.

I went with a deeper burgundy pink for the salmon skirt and a light grey/blue for the white one. The stitching is probably polyester and one skirt is lined with polyester, that won’t dye consistently with the linen so I’ve picked colours that won’t clash too much with the originals. Both skirts were slightly over the weight limit for the dye packs but I reckoned it wasn’t enough to make too much of a difference. And I couldn’t be fashed going out to buy more dye when I’d already got all the stuff out to dye them.

I got these big aluminium bowls from a school kitchen that was throwing them out. They’re perfect for dye baths. The salmon pink skirt looked great almost immediately, but I wasn’t taken with the blue. It looked like washed out denim, not the promised blue/grey. So instead of pouring the deep pink dye bath out when I took the originally-salmon skirt out, I kept it and re-heated it. I rinsed the now-light blue skirt then plonked it in there for a bit. I didn’t leave it in that long, it was getting late.

The rinsed out skirts;

It still looked pretty good, a more purple-light pink than the deep pink the salmon one had dyes too. Waiting for the fabric to dry is the hardest part of dying…

I’m chuffed with these results! The deep pink is lovely and very easy to wear. The lighter one is possibly a bit lighter than I’d like, but I’m sure I’ll wear it during summer (if the sun gets out). The lining hasn’t picked up as much dye from the pink bath as the linen, but did seem to pick up the blue dye, so it has a light blue lining. Doesn’t bother me.

The original salmon thread of the top stitching stands out like a deliberate decorative feature. Much better result than the cream trousers I tried to dye black…


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