Dwarf update

My new dwarf beard and helmet seem to be working well.

20140801-024505 pm-53105571.jpg

They certainly look the part in this fab photo by Anna Atkinson. I’ve sewn the beard onto the cotton coif under the helmet. It used to be attached to my goggles, but I’m wearing contacts for LRP now so I don’t need them. The beard slips around less with this set up, and actually moves withy mouth! It’s a bit more scratchy, but still much better than any purchased beard I’ve worn.

I made a three part coif pattern so it fits close to my head, but extended it a bit further than normal to cover my hair. I put some slits in too so my ears are uncovered, I wear alchemy earrings I want to be able to get at easily, and I like being able to hear! I may have been slightly inspired by the grumpy one in Gummi Bears too…

20140801-025157 pm-53517521.jpg

The flappy bits cover the edges of the beard too, and gave me a nice bit too embroider onto. I used the simple stitches layered together method I talked about here which help firm it up and give it some shape, as well as looking pretty.

I’m pretty chuffed with it. I’ll have to get some photos without the helmet, but I reckon I’ll be able to wear it like that for banquets and such. You can just see my hair on some of Anna’s photos, I’ll have to pin it up a bit better in future. I love having good photos to look at, really helps with improving costumes. Looking in the mirror is all well and good, but you don’t get the same perspective as a photographer does. Helps you see how things shift around during use too. Thank you, LARP camera wielders!

For the coif, I dug around in my costume resource books (I have far too many) and kicked the Internet till I had a vague idea of what shape to start with. I ended up with this;

20140801-030202 pm-54122812.jpg
Which I cut into before remembering to take a photo… Anyway. I stitched it up and tested it on my head, ending up with this;

20140801-030302 pm-54182494.jpg
Which fit quite well, but needed a few tweaks. The headstand you can see here is smaller than any human head, but I’ve padded it out a bit with a tea towel to work on. Not perfect, but it does the job. I used this to play with ear slit placement too. Once I was happy with the fit, I took it apart and drew around he separate panels to get my actual pattern, which looks like this;

20140801-030613 pm-54373770.jpg

20140801-030613 pm-54373906.jpg
The little metal tool in there is super handy for marking out seam allowances and such, it has all the common ones marked on. I use it to mark out dots from the seam line, then connect them together to get a smooth cutting line.
This is the final thing put together. As it’s going to be on show a lot, I sewed it by hand, with run and fell for the seams. It fits my head a lot better than it fits goldie!

20140801-031040 pm-54640339.jpg