Dunelm Mill for fabric

New to Cramlington, 20 minutes north of Newcastle, a Dunelm Mill!

Ok, it has some pretty bedding and nice plates, but what I’m really interested in is the haberdashery department.

In the back of the ground floor, to the right hand side. It’s not a huge department, but it’s handy.

There’s a small fabric per meter section. Lots of colourful PVC with shiny prints, ranging from £2.99ppm to around £9.99ppm. Some print cottons and other craft fabrics. There’s a few lovely upholstery and curtain fabrics with floral woven designs and brocade type affairs, but they are pricey. The 100% cotton interlining is interesting, especially at £6.49ppm. It comes in a few different weights. There’s also cotton sheeting in various colours at £4.79ppm, poly cottons, wadding and canvas all at reasonable prices. Don’t look for unusual colours here, there’s an awful lot of creams, a few blacks and whites, but not an awful lot of much else.

The haberdashery is small but packs a punch. Some lovely upholstery and dress trims by the metre. A small selection of acrylic DK wool. The usual dyes, fabric pens, pins and needles and a few models of machine. They have a nice selection of weights and widths of buckram though, and a lovely piping section. They stock sizes from 3mm at 20ppm to 8mm at 45ppm, in natural cotton. These are sold for covering in fabric to make your own decorative piping, but could be lovely as they are for dolling up ye olde costumes. They’ll dye well too. I’ll be picking some up once blackberries are in season to make some naturally dyed cording.
Another interesting bit, their cushion making stock. They have massive bags of bean bag balls and hollow fibre, along with blocks and sheets of various weights of foam. More pricey than Shields market, but does have the advantage of being open every day.

Have fun exploring, and remember to let me know if you find any fabric stockists in the north east I haven’t covered.

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