Some experiments crocheting with video tape.


The tape is from old videos from The House of Objects. The Internet seems undecided on how toxic video tape is. Make your own mind up about using it. I figured it was probably ok so long as I didn’t take up playing with it full time, or start licking it.

My main aim was to find something that might work as armour, or cool futuristic looking clothing, for 5k REM.


I was actually organised for once and labeled my samples! The numbers are the size of the crochet hook. ‘Pulled’ samples have had the tape stretched to a thinner medium before crocheting, ‘un-pulled’ have not. Samples with ‘string’ have a strand of heavy black crochet cotton worked alongside the tape. ‘2x’ samples have multiple strands of tape.


The unpulled tape needed a large hook and worked up very quickly. It’s flexible, but kinda crunchy. It’s also very shiny. It looks like crocheted video tape, strangely enough.


The  pulled tape can be worked with a smaller hook. It has an odd, firm but flexible feel. I like the matte sheen over the very shiny unpulled. My favourite sample was the 3mm hook pulled with string, but it took ages to work. It would look very cool for futuristic clothing, or for flexible panels in an armoured suit. It looks like a proper, if odd, fabric, rather than video tape.

I worked up the largest sample in pulled tape with 4mm hook and string. It was easier once I got into it, much much slower than normal crochet. I found using talcum powder helped ‘lubricate’ the hook, and the tape, easing it through and saving my hands a little pain.

Its an interesting medium. If I come up with a reason to use it, I’ll experiment with it more.


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