I made this costume a couple of years ago for my mum to wear at school on Book Day, but dug it out recently for a fancy dress party.

It’s based on Disneys Cinderella, the classic version from the film, not the new Princess range Cinderella design.


It consists of a white net petticoat to give the skirt volume, a big blue skirt, a padded bum cushion that ties round the waist and a bodice with the light blue bustle cover attached. I went with the back bustle rather than side bumps largely because it was simpler, and would make it easier for my mum to teach in it. Disney switches between the two, so it’s not a big issue. I did make this thing a while ago, and I’m not overly proud of it. The bodice is a bit of a mess. It looks better on my mum, but I had to hastily add a couple of tucks to make it vaguely fit me which makes it very lumpy looking. The lining is bloody awful too, completely the wrong fabric, and cut far too big. I have learned since, I promise! The sleeves have a wire insert, can’t remember what but it seems to be doing the job. The bodice fastens with hook and eyes, trying to match the lines on the Disney design.


Accessories wise, I did make gloves to match. They were fingerless, with an elastic hoop to hold them on the middle finger, as my mum was worried about the practicalities of teaching in long gloves. Unfortunately, although they fit my mum perfectly, they were far too small for me so I had to wear another pair of gloves. The hair band and is just a bought one covered in matching fabric, and the choker a bit of black ribbon with added necklace fixings. The earrings are old costume jewelery clip ons.

The shoes are the stars, of course. Couldn’t quite manage glass slippers, but they make up for it in sheer glittery-ness. They’re an old pair of shoes with mirrors and plastic crystals glued to the fronts, then the whole shoe liberally covered in heaps of silver glitter. They leave a trail of sparkles wherever they go.


My mum has blonde hair, so just went as she was to her event. I wore a blonde wig. It wasn’t long enough to do a Disney style up-do, so I styled it with a lower bun type affair. Make up wise, I tried to get me as pale as possible without looking goth like, with a matte, flat type base. I used ridiculous false eyelashes and black eyeliner on the top of my eye to try and emulate the cartoon style, with simple pink lips. Add a vacant half smile, and it’s princess o’clock.

I even spotted a shooting star as I was leaving the party, how Disney is that?