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Longstorian Robes

These have been in process for an age. I really struggled to find the right fabric for them, which held up the whole process.

My brief was quite loose. Green Longstorian (FnH nature God) robes, with a front opening, suitable for running and combat whilst still looking priestly, with hood built in. I went with a mash up of my pattern for the Assasins Creed style robes I made last summer and the hood extension I used on Bens mage robes. It’s a bit more fiddly than the simple hood extension on most costume patterns but I really like the result, it fits much better at the neck and lets the lapel hang more naturally. I adapted it from a vintage coat pattern originally, damn good find.

The original idea was to have these robes made to fit over, and flatter, a particular leather breast piece. That not being made yet, I ended up designing them to be quite adaptable. The sides are open with lacing, might seem a little silly with a front opening, but it will allow the wearer to adjust them over armour all around the torso so the arm holes don’t get dragged back. Arm movement was an important feature, so I went with