Bits and pieces, in progress

I’m making two pieces for a friend at the moment. Their both for his shaman-like LARP character. The first is a totem, a bit of shaped wood. The second is a familiar, a small creature he can carry with him.

The totem I had a fairly wide brief to work with. Something wood, maybe a fox, about 30cm long. I’ve not done much wood carving so I knew I wanted to keep it fairly simple. A quick hunt on Google and I found the following two images that seemed to fit.

20131204-013655 pm.jpg

20131204-013715 pm.jpg
I thought about carving it in green wood, I carved an oversized crochet hook from a branch of our sycamore tree while it was green and it came out lovely, but I was a bit worried about it splitting after I’d given it over. That and the sycamore doesn’t have any big branches that need to come down! In the end I raided the wood pile in our shed and found a branch that had a good straight section and felt fairly hard. I think it’s birch, but I’m not that good with tree identification.

20131204-014155 pm.jpg

20131204-014214 pm.jpg

20131204-014302 pm.jpg
Unfortunately, I got kinda caught up in the carving and didn’t take photos. I hacked out the basic shape with a handsaw, then went at it with my knife and Dremel. I did set out thinking I’d do most of it by hand, but I gave up when my hands threatened blisters. After the shaping, I sanded it by hand, getting it lovely and smooth. In the sketches above you can see I thought about carving in a body, but after talking with the bloke I’m making it for plans have changed. Now I’m leaving it as a plain shaft and engraving in various spells in a fantasy language. I’ll stick some photos up when it’s done, it might take a while though I’m quite scared of starting in case I slip and ruin it!

20131204-014924 pm.jpg

20131204-015001 pm.jpg
20131204-023707 pm.jpg

The familiar was a whole different set of challenges. He’s a replacement for another familiar, a smaller critter that proved a bit too fragile for LARP. This version had to be bigger, and a lot tougher. It also needed something to travel round in. In looks, it had to be ‘creepy cute’, with a bone mask head.
This is the original version, I don’t know the name of the lady that made it unfortunately;

20131204-015300 pm.jpg
I had a play round with some different ideas and decided that a stuffed toy type body would be most suitable. Squiggly enough to pose, but up to the rigours of LARP. Leather seemed the most obvious material for a skin-like texture. Stuffing wise, I knew I wanted to use sand. Sand filled toys ‘sit’ much better, they have more weight to them, but I did want some squishy ness to the fellow too. I ended up making a little sand bag that sits in his middle with polyfill stuffing in his extremities. Working out the exact shapes for the outer body and inner took a few attempts!

20131204-015742 pm.jpg

20131204-015756 pm.jpg

20131204-015803 pm.jpg

20131204-015809 pm.jpg

20131204-015814 pm.jpg

20131204-015821 pm.jpg
The head was interesting to make. Again, I got a bit too involved and forgot to take photos. After spending months cleaning bone dust off everything in my work room last time I carved bone indoors, I set up a workstation in our little shed this time. I worked the basic shape out with a junior hacksaw and grinder, then carved down with various tips on my Dremel. The smaller lump of bone in the photo below is the one I used, it’s fairly greasy, even after many soakings and scrubbings it’s still greasy, but that did keep the dust down while carving! The head is glued onto the body with epoxy resin.

20131204-020257 pm.jpg
I took a while to decide on what I wanted to do with the legs. I’m not entirely happy with them, they aren’t as shaped or realistic as I would like, but they should be fairly hardy. They’re veg tanned leather moulded and shaped. I added small magnets in the two front legs, and smooth leather to match the body over the rough side of the leather on the paws. You can’t really tell mind, as I coated a lot of the feet in epoxy resin to harden them up. They’re sewn onto the body section rather than glued, so if they do prove too brittle and snap, I can replace them without having to remake the body.

20131204-020804 pm.jpg

20131204-020811 pm.jpg

20131204-020816 pm.jpg

20131204-020825 pm.jpg

20131204-020849 pm.jpg
Here is is all together, looking cute, until you realise that’s a lump of bone on his head…

20131204-020953 pm.jpg

20131204-021005 pm.jpg
He also needs a little coat, made of leaves. In the original version, they’re painted fake leaves. I wasn’t too keen on using fake leaves, so tried making leather ones instead. I do like how they turned out, but they aren’t quite right. I can’t sew them together to make a coat, and the ones I’ve tried flop around too much. If I sewed enough of them to look good onto the body, the body would be full of holes and prone to tearing. So, I’ve hunted out some quite nice fake leaves. That took a fair bit of doing, most are horribly plasticky, or made of a foam type stuff that would fall apart. These should do, but came covered in glitter and gold spray paint. It s washing off, but they will need a couple more scrubbings before I can put the coat together.

20131204-021423 pm.jpg

20131204-021430 pm.jpg

20131204-021444 pm.jpg

20131204-021451 pm.jpg

20131204-021457 pm.jpg
For his little house/nest, I’ve covered a fairly hardy tin with leather. I cut a little window in it so he can breathe and peek out, and added tags for a strap (which I still need to finish). I kinda like it, and it does the job.

20131204-021659 pm.jpg

20131204-021704 pm.jpg

20131204-021710 pm.jpg

20131204-021723 pm.jpg
So still a few bits to finish off, but well on the way and I’m quite happy with how they’re going!

In other news, I’ve been using my nostepinde! I made it a while ago, using my pillar drill as a vertical lathe to shape it out of an old broom handle. I haven’t used it for a while, but remembered to reach for it when taking apart a bit of failed knitting. Centre pull balls are the way forward!

20131204-022001 pm.jpg

20131204-022010 pm.jpg

And in conclusion, how cute is my sisters dog Matilda?

20131204-022119 pm.jpg

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