A better hat

20140710-030115 pm-54075824.jpg
You may remember me making a hat recently. Well, it wasn’t really just a hat, it was part of a cunning plan.

I was testing out the 6 panel pattern to see if I could use it to make a leather hat/helmet type thing for my dwarf. I made another mock up in grey, with no seam allowance, using an overcasting stitch. Perfect excuse to sit out in the garden, I even had some help from Poppy. Modelled on my work basket, you can see it looking a bit more helmet-like, I tweaked the pattern at the top so it flattens rather than points.

20140710-024508 pm-53108863.jpg

20140710-024509 pm-53109016.jpg

20140710-024509 pm-53109336.jpg

20140710-024509 pm-53109477.jpg

20140710-024509 pm-53109190.jpg

And onto the leather. I decided to lace it, figuring that would give it a bit more wiggle room, and let me loosen it a bit in winter if I want to wear more padding under it. I test laced it with crochet cotton then added a nasal guard type thing, it helps cover up my girly face and make me seem more ‘dwarfish’. It’s lined with a synthetic faux sheepskin type stuff I had kicking about. I’ve tacked it in loosely, so I can remove it and give it a good wash if it gets manky. If I used real fur I couldn’t really do that, and you can only see a tiny it of it once it’s on my head.

The tooling design is a celtic-ish knot thingy and a stylised phoenix. I wanted a wishy-washy look to it, so I coloured them with watercolour paints before going over them with sponged on, diluted, brown acrylic. A bit of oil and wax and some elbow grease to shine it up, and I’m quite happy with the result!

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